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The Law of Gender: Incentivizing Feminine and Masculine Principles to promote Ha

The Law of Gender: Incentivizing Feminine and Masculine Principles to promote Ha

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The Law of Gender is a universal law that exists throughout all of nature. It states that everything has its masculine and feminine qualities and that everything has a gestation period. The law of gender exists as inseparable and opposites on the same spectrum because the feminine and masculine principles are contrary forces that are actually complementary. Though each principle has a different function, each force is interdependent.

This book sheds light on the hidden definition of the feminine and masculine principles rooted in science and nature. Specifically, the principle of electromagnetism, a governing force of our universe is what the law of gender has traditionally been based on.

The Law of Gender breaks down the phenomenon of electromagnetism and explains how it manifest as gender in the human species. Considering how electromagnetism works, we derived characteristics of what is deemed to be feminine and masculine. However, these concepts have become distorted and unnatural throughout history.
The phenomenon of electricity has influenced profound concepts such as Yin and Yang, the story of Kali and Shiva, and the story of Adam, Lilith, and Eve. This book gives an updated list of the characteristics of feminine and masculine principles and ways to increase this energy in each gender.

While there is a general idea of what makes something masculine or feminine in terms of traits and culture, society gives little attention to how these characteristics came into existence. Kali J.N.S argues that we have forgotten the ancient definitions of these principles in present-day society. This lack of understanding is the crux of the “gender wars” and dysfunction in relationships.

Fusing hermetic philosophy, the science of electromagnetism, and evolutionary biology, Kali J.N.S uncovers new perspectives on understanding the law of gender passed down from Master Teacher Tehuti. It will also teach how the law of gender manifests in human social structures and the animal kingdom. Kali J.N.S details how the evolutionary process of sexual selection contributes to biologically hardwired gendered behaviors in animals and humans that ultimately influence our social structures.

The goal of elucidating the law of gender is to promote balance between women and men by encouraging cooperation and reciprocity. Kali J.N.S also encourages each gender to heal trauma by doing shadow work to incentivize the divine feminine and divine masculine within one another. The third goal is to encourage humans to reflect on their current gendered social structure, such as patriarchy, and determine if it aligns with nature.

This book is for women and men who wish to understand how the law of gender came into existence and how it can build healthy social structures and relationships.

Kali J.N.S goes beyond the traditional Western definitions of feminine and masculine principles to address the law of gender and the current imbalance we see in present-day society.
This extraordinary book explores:

  • The occult meaning of feminine and masculine energy using analogy and ancient philosophy of Shakti
  • The definition of the law of gender as it relates to electricity (electromagnetism)
  • List of characteristics of the divine feminine and divine masculine in humans
  • How to increase feminine and masculine energy in oneself
  • The law of gender in the animal kingdom and various animal social structures
  • How the evolution of sexual selection influences gender and behaviors between males and females
  • Matriarchal and patriarchal societies in the animal kingdom and human race
  • How to foster cooperation and reciprocity in relationships.
  • How to incentivize the divine masculine and divine feminine in relationships
  • Shadow work journal prompts to heal the gender war crisis
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