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Queen Mothership Part 2 : Enterprise Architecture: Guide to Rebuilding Black Ame

Queen Mothership Part 2 : Enterprise Architecture: Guide to Rebuilding Black Ame

The Queen Mothership Part Two focuses on creating a blueprint and enterprise architecture for Black Americans to practice self-determination and self-autonomy in today's time. This book lays out the blueprint for building pocket communities and micro-cities with like-minded people by reinstating the Queen Mothership. Part one of the Queen Mothership focused on matriarchal and diarchal systems that melanated people created before colonialism and slavery.

The Queen Mother Ship means that hierarchies and the domination of one gender by the other did not exist. Among many melanated tribes, there were traditionally male and female "counterparts" in all aspects of the political or social hierarchy.

The history of our social systems is not well known, but at one point in time, melanated people understood the power of the divine feminine. This information is now relegated to the occult. It has been hidden from melanated (Black) people, so our gendered social structures have now been based on redacted religious systems, which removed or suppress the divine feminine from many religious texts. In the information age, we can now access this information and analyze precolonial history to discover how melanated men and women designed their social structures and what mistakes were made that led to slavery or colonization.

This book is for Black Americans to reinstate an updated version of the Queen Mothership. Kali J.N.S has created an enterprise architecture of what the Queen Mothership should look like in the 21st century, building off the tenants and values in part one of the Queen Mothership book. This framework is for Black American men and women to benefit from and build their own pocket communities with like-minded people to practice self-determination and autonomy.
An Enterprise Architecture is a comprehensive plan for organizing and managing the resources within an enterprise to enable it to achieve its goals. It is based on a holistic view of the community, including its technical and business components, as well as people, processes, buying power, organizing, and technology. Enterprise architectures can give our community powerful tools to position ourselves in a power position. This is particularly true for Black American communities that have historically been subjected to systemic racism and lack of access to resources.

By embracing the Queen Mothership, an egalitarian structure, Black Americans can build their own enterprises. This could be achieved by implementing melanated science and social structures that were naturally egalitarian or matriarchal. Egalitarianism seeks to create equality among all members regardless of their gender or other characteristics. These structures can help create a sense of shared ownership and responsibility that can foster community resilience and provide Black Americans with economic, social, and self-determination opportunities.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Governance
  • Councils and Elections
  • Spiritual Development
  • Land Acquisition
  • Land Conservation
  • Economics
  • Community Investment and trust funds
  • Barter Economy
  • Self Defense
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Fusion power
  • Antimatter
  • Renewable energy
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainable Queen Mothership Villages
  • Procuring Water
  • Conventional Construction of Homes in the Village
  • Housing materials
  • Co-ops for food, childcare, and more
  • Community gardens
  • Intelligence gathering and prevention against chaos agents
  • Models for technology
  • Message to Black men
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