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Introducing The Entrusted Melanism Framework for Empowerment Because Pan-African

Introducing The Entrusted Melanism Framework for Empowerment Because Pan-African

In this groundbreaking work, the author critically examines the shortcomings of Pan-Africanism and introduces the entrusted melanism Framework, an innovative and action-oriented approach to melanated empowerment. The book explores the history and limitations of Pan-Africanism and demonstrates how its one-sided nature has led to a lack of tangible progress for Black Americans.


Entrusted Melanism is a tiered, open-source template that focuses on shared goals, interests, and practical strategies for empowerment. By acknowledging and preserving the unique cultures and ethnicities of each melanated tribe, the framework encourages collaboration. It allows melanated tribes to preserve their unique cultural identities while working together when it is advantageous for them to do so. This new approach fosters autonomy, adaptability, and strategic alliances for tribes that share similar objectives and can benefit from working together.


The author also presents an array of high-level strategies for empowerment, drawing on military science, to provide practical guidance for tribes seeking to procure land, resources, and opportunities for growth.


Furthermore, the book emphasizes the importance of action over theory, exposing tribes that fail to contribute to collective empowerment and allowing tribes to focus on their unique goals at tribal, regional, and national levels. Entrusted Melanism represents a paradigm shift in the pursuit of melanated empowerment, offering a more effective and sustainable path towards collective growth and progress than Pan-Africanism ever has or ever will.


At its core, Entrusted Melanism emphasizes the need for action rather than pie-in-the-sky theoretical plans. It highlights the importance of delineating and preserving the unique culture and ethnicity of Black Americans, while encouraging collaboration among those who share similar goals and interests.

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