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Herbs for Medicine and Metaphysics

Herbs for Medicine and Metaphysics

For generations, people have healed themselves by taking advantage of what nature offers and living peacefully with their surroundings. Herbs provide natural solutions for numerous age-related issues, including allergies, fatigue, stress, headaches, and hypertension. Rather than taking different medications to treat each problem separately, a tailored blend of herbs can offer relief for all your ailments at once!

This guide provides detailed descriptions, with accompanying illustrations, for making herbal medicines at home. With practical tips, this book shows readers how to make their own preparations easily.

Not only are herbs delicious additions to your favorite recipes, but they can also be used as medicine. For example, ginger strengthens the immune system, while basil relieves morning sickness. Similarly, garlic has long been known as a natural cough remedy for children and adults alike. So, before you run to the pharmacy next time you're not feeling well, check your spice rack first– chances are good that mother nature has already provided what you need.

Here are other things included in the book:


  • Description of each herb with its benefits
  • Metaphysical uses of each herb to be used in rituals
  • Simplified definitions for common medical and herbal terms
  • Our illustrations aren't only pretty but designed to help you learn better
  • A brief History of Herbalism
  • A compilation of wild herbs that can commonly be found around your home, which can be used to prepare natural and safe remedies for your body
  • Over 170 common plants and herb profiles, so you can quickly identify them in nature or grow them at home. Each profile comes complete with illustrations for quick reference
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