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Alchemy Reservoir of Black Americans: The Collective Unconscious, Genealogy & Pr

Alchemy Reservoir of Black Americans: The Collective Unconscious, Genealogy & Pr

The alchemy reservoir theory posits that due to the unique experience that Black Americans have as a lineage, history, and culture in North America, they have developed an alchemy reservoir in their collective unconscious. This reservoir is the abstract conception of what encompasses the essence of a Black American (FBA, Freedman, ADOS, ABO, Coppered colored Indigenous) and why everyone gravitates to our culture. This theory provides valuable insight into the Black American experience and how it has shaped our identity.


Drawing upon analytical psychology, the alchemy reservoir is a collective unconscious of a shared storehouse of knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation. It is the sum total of our ancestral memories and wisdom, and it is what gives us a sense of connection to our past. The alchemy reservoir theory aims to raise self-esteem, foster pride in one's culture, encourage genealogy, and create a sense of community.


Black Americans have a long and rich history of spiritual alchemy, the process of transmuting one's innermost being into something of greater value. This has been done through music, dance, art, storytelling, and other forms of expression. Though pain and suffering have been a part of the Black American experience, there has also been a long tradition of resiliency in the face of adversity. Black Americans have used the power of the alchemy reservoir to transmute their pain into strength, suffering into beauty, and oppression into growth.


The alchemy reservoir is a critical component of Black American culture. The contributions of Black Americans to music, art, literature and other fields are undeniable and essential to the country's identity. Gatekeeping and delineation help to preserve this history and keep it alive for future generations. It is therefore incumbent upon Black Americans to do everything in their power to preserve it.

Identity and ethnicity are also critical for Black Americans to preserve their culture. A sense of self and community are intrinsic to the human experience, and for Black Americans, this can only be cultivated by understanding where they come from. In a world that often tries to erase or ignore the contributions of Black Americans, genealogy is a powerful way to celebrate and preserve our rich heritage.


Genealogy can help to fill in the gaps and give a more complete picture of who we are and where we come from. For Black Americans, tracing family roots can provide vital clues about the past and help fill in the gaps left out of mainstream historical narratives. It also helps to ensure that Black Americans retain their distinct identity within the larger American society.

The final step in this process is integrating the transformed self into the Black American community. This is done by participating in the community and delineating. The goal is to create a wholesome community that is in harmony with the universe. The duality of the alchemy reservoir is what makes it so powerful. On one side, it can be used as a mirror to reflect on oneself and see where changes need to be made. On the other side, it can be used as a tool to help others see their potential and assist in their journey of self-development.


Remember to be an Expression of Beauty, Joy, and Wisdom - Kali J.N.S


Key concepts In this book

Alchemy Reservoir Theory

  • The resilience and adversity of Black Americans
  • Influence of culture on the Alchemy reservoir
  • Collective Unconscious
  • Black American Transmutation process in alchemy, archetypes, and symbols
  • Importance of preserving and gatekeeping identity and culture
  • Genealogy and resources for tracing lineage
  • Reclassification - How African American is a misnomer
  • Reparations
  • Duality of the Black American collective unconscious for more excellent self-improvement
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